Long Sleeved T Shirts

Long Sleeved T – Shirts: Classy and Comfortable Apparels

Long sleeved t – shirts are the alternative of short sleeves one in style. Popularized first in the 1970s as a thinner, a common term used for a lightweight substitute of a sweatshirt, long sleeved t – shirt gives you a style that is classic and functional. These are timeless fashion. You can wear them in every season as they never really go out of fashion.

The Look

Long sleeved t – shirts generally have designs that are not too fussy. They are very simple in designs. Mostly having round neckline, long sleeved t – shirt does not include any buttons and/or collars. They come in different sizes and of course colors- in one color and/or in mixed colors, and thus can be worn by anybody.

The Benefit

Long sleeved t – shirts have a benefit to its credit. Use of these shirts is most beneficial during winters as they can cover the most of your upper body, especially your arms. Wearing long sleeved t – shirt during winters will not only protect you from cold but can also make you look stylish. If you wish to wear your favorite short sleeve t –shirt during winter time but the cold is making it difficult for you then do not worry long sleeved t – shirt can solve your problem. Wear the long sleeved one under your favorite short sleeves and you are done. You are not only protected from cold, but wearing your favorite short sleeves as well.

Taking care of

Long sleeved t- shirts are easy to maintain. As they are made of light fabric they are not heavy and easily be hand washed along with other apparels. But never wash it in hot waters as it tends to make the fabric shrink. Using cool to medium hot water is best while washing. Ironing is also necessary. Try not to use bleach while cleaning your long sleeved t- shirt as they can weaken your shirt’s fabric. Do not squeeze your shirt too much just hung it to dry.


As the designs of long sleeved t – shirts are generally very simple, sometimes it does become boring. If you feel that way too, then try doing some experiment with it. Personalize your long sleeved t-shirt and give it a nice makeover. The process is very simple. If you have an artist in you then use your brush and paint your shirt to anything you wish to. But if you are artistic in nature but your skills fails you then all you need to do is to search for a good online t shirt printing company, which will provide you thousands of option to fulfil your artistic ideas. You can even upload an image of your choice to the sites use it for your t –shirt painting.

Digital printing is another option. Though it can cost you a bit more but your boring long sleeved t-shirt will get an awesome makeover.


Another interesting aspect of long sleeved t-shirts is that apart from being a classic wearable item it can help in your business too. Sounding strange isn’t it, but it is true. Use of t shirts in promoting business is a popular marketing method. Use your logo on the t shirt and give distribute it. Your logo will be widely visible when the shirt is worn.

Last word

Long sleeved t – shirts are an all year through fashion apparel that has been loved by the men of all ages through generations. It is a combination of style and comfort.

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